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About Me I am a lady, a channel. an artist and a writer and an actress and a painter in my late twenties who happens to have cerebral palsy. I grew up on the east coast, before locating to the west coast for college, where i studied creative writing, literature, and fine art. I enjoy spiritual work, both counseling and healing others and by default, myself. It has absolutely changed the way that i live my life day to day. However ,i know that it is not my only purpose, just a part of it .
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I requested Meaghan for a 45 minute session, and I am so glad I did. Actually, I kinda wish I’d known her 10 years ago when my issues first started reaching painful levels. Through discussion with her during the reading, she was able to point out to me several of my limiting beliefs and behaviors which have been causing me and my family so much grief and pain that I’ve sought answers from almost every self help guru out there for the last decade. The problem was that I had never made the connection between some of my specific personality traits and my current situation. I now know that my fear of loss, stubbornness about having things ‘just so’, controlling behavior and disconnection from the feminine aspect has created a perfect storm from which things can only get better! I can already see that the me in 1 month will be very different to the me from before….

- Anonymous, Australia

When I decided to have my first session with Meaghan, I went in with a skeptical yet open-minded attitude. My perception of psychics at that point was that you go to be told what you want to hear, along with vague ideations of your future.

After my first reading, I can say that perception was positively shattered. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll say I went in a neurotic, insecure mess. I was narcissistic, controlling, manipulative, and self-destructive.

Readings with Meaghan have since become more productive for me than a psychologist.

Meaghan’s readings have taught me to be comfortable with myself. At the risk of sounding cheesy, talking to her has basically been a crash course in allowing myself to open up emotionally to the world. Being able to shed light on my repressed issues has allowed me to be artistic, passionate, and loving. I’ve developed strong, binding friendships by using the advice I received from her readings. There was a time when I would not open up to people, I would try to micromanage every aspect of my life without satisfaction, and my overall mood was unfulfilled and depressed. She has helped me through depression, family deaths, and bad breakups, providing insights into my life that I would have never imagined.

Many times what she had to say was hard-hitting, but frankly those were my favorite readings, it meant real change was about to take place.

- PS, Toronto

Here’s a special thanks post to dear Meaghan Ryan Coates who was great help for me when I felt like I lost it and was so confused.

I wrote Meaghan asking for an advice but then I couldn’t even tell what kind.. I said I’m just too confused and maybe an advice is not needed.. But maybe it is.. I don’t know. She simply tuned in and wrote me back what she sees which was so spot on! As we talked I felt great relief and as if someone just came and pulled me out of my own spiral. She was so loving and caring while being so honest and giving me tools to go from here.. All of a sudden I got so dizzy, I put my head down and felt a movement in my heart. Then the dizziness was gone and I felt a river of energy pouring into me. I knew better after that .. My day was easier, my mind quieter, my inner self found some peace.

So here’s a special thanks to Meaghan, my heart was dancing in gratitude and I felt like it’s worth sharing heart emoticon

Just want to give a shout out to Meaghan Ryan Coates who keeps saving me with her magic over and over again. She’s always right on the spot, no bullshit around, in the most loving and understanding way. It feels as if she has some magic sparkles that she spreads around me when we talk and later on my reality looks different. Check her out! smile emoticon

I had a great experience with Meaghan for a reading recently that I’d like to share. I put an open request to the universe for a reading to help me in my next steps to manifesting monetary abundance, and Meaghan reached out to me to fulfill my request. I felt comfortable and confident with working with her and was looking forward to it, even though I had never formally worked with her, just knew I resonated with her and her energy. I am connected to myself and my guides to a strong degree, so it was easy for me to feel the accuracy of the knowledge she transmitted to me during the reading. And the words she spoke were very synchronistic to the things I had been guided myself to explore, the day and hours before the reading, so it was clear that her guidance was the elaboration and continuation of my guides’ highest guidance. I always enjoy receiving outside clarity on my circumstances. I would never be able to receive the same kind of guidance Meaghan provided for me through myself, especially at the concise rate she provided it.

She was able to transmit a specific exercise from my guides, to help me balance my giving and receiving energies. To summarize it, my guides told her for me to visualize myself passing a ball to myself, or a twin of myself (I was actually born with an identical twin who was killed in infancy but whom I am connected to now eneregtically), in a gentle, loving manner, feeling the joy and ease of it, then receiving it back from her with that same energy, for 12 minutes at a time. As she had told me it could be, it was challenging and emotional at first. I was shocked; I saw how much I am incapable of receiving, as I could not visualize receiving the ball back from my twin with love and gentleness. I could pass it to her like that, but when it came to my turn to receive it, I could only focus self hatingly and could not get myself to connect to any gentleness or love from my twin. I couldn’t look at her, and I could only rushedly receive the ball back. Sometimes I would drop the ball. It was often incredibly hard to physically get my body in the visualization to work properly to receive the ball back. I followed more of my own guidance within the visualization, and did the best I could for about 15 minutes, even though I was unable to receive the ball in the loving manner.

About 10 minutes after I finished this visualization, I actually was told about a great opportunity I was receiving for free of charge, out of the blue. The next time I went to do the visualization, it was easier, and has continued a little easier the subsequent times. I’m incredibly grateful for this guidance, and all the insights Meaghan shared with me in the reading. I look forward to working with her again.

You gave me hope that I would become a mom. You couldn’t say when but you said it would happen. I almost gave up but you gave me that hope. Hasn’t happened yet but we do not stress about it anymore, and find ourselves more relaxed as we explore our options
Thank you!

Well. You said I was going to meet a guy named Aaron at a bookstore. A few months later I did. It was pretty freaky.



All the ways I love you
crown your head
as you sleep
Make light of all
your shadows
They’re laid waste to
All by me
I cannot contain
my heart
It will go
where it will
And it lays soft
with yours

Twin Flames and The Often Challenging Soulmate Relationship


If we are in love with imagesomeone, it  can be the most painful thing in the world to hear that they don’t want to be with us, or they’re not ready.

We often think that they’re just being stupid, running away, out of alignment, and if they could only heal, they could see the love in front of them.

Or even worse, that we are pathetic or wrong for thinking that this was it. We were attracted to this person because of some unhealed wounds that we are re-creating.

“The universe obviously doesn’t want this for us, or else they would be here. ”

This is a particularly strong idea in the new age community.

A rule is projected, that for the majority of relationships that ” pay off”  , there is no resistance to the coupling.

Obviously there are valid reasons for this mindset. There are certainly people that lose themselves in pining, delusion, or even worse, in aggressive, manipulative behavior,  that they excuse in the name of love .

I agree that there is such a thing as being obsssed with the idea of a person or relationship. But sometimes this actually isn’t true, and it won’t quite resonate.

We can kill ourselves arguing, internally, about why we feel the way we feel, or why our beloved is so “blind”, but the truth is that some of our relationships are bigger than the romantic needs or desires of the two people involved at any one moment.   This is a especially true, if both people came here with a very specific purpose and goal in mind.
Some of us chose a partner to change the world with, and we can’t be with them until we are ready, and they are.

In a way, we have placed our world mission in front of everything else. And when I say world mission, i’m not limiting this to those of us that become spiritual teachers speaking at a podium or writing a book or healing people with their hands.
This goes for the artists and the scientists, The actors the musicians , and the engineers and the philanthropists.  It’s possible that you are simply meant to be this  shining example of romantic love you in your circle .

I think it’s time for the spiritual community to come to terms with the idea that sometimes people don’t get together simply because there is learning to be done first.  Some of that learning will be happening while you’re separate. Sometimes people meet before it’s time to go “all in.”

Nothing has to have gone wrong. Our faith in the love is a lesson in itself. It is actually a common one for us who have come to learn the deepest truths about living from our heart and our own intuition. We accept that we love someone, who may not be there, and yet,continue to live out our lives, and live them fully.

Think of all the soul connections  we have had in all our lives. We have likely loved thousands if not millions of other souls. Although I would not say all, most of us are already coming into to this life with tons of soul agreements, work that truly needs to be done, and there is an order to this work.

I have been in relationship with many soulmates, and they have taught me many different things. Each relationship was created for the purpose of mutual learning. If I had stayed with any one of those soulmates permanently, I would not have learned the lessons of the soulmates after. Some of them were really painful, some of them I know if different choices were made I may have stayed, but overall I know that I created the best reality that I could. I honestly can’t say that any of my relationships were mistakes.  I entered them in one vibration, and left them vibrating in another, so when looking back it could be easy to think that I was crazy,  or I was wrong, but the reality is simply that I grew.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about “holding out” for a twin flame, like once that happens, everything is easy, which makes me laugh.

Yes being with your twin flame is incredibly joyful, the connection is transcendent and magical, the love is overwhelming, and i’ve never felt more understood or seen.

Yet, for twin flames to stay together they must be operating at their highest aspects, and they must have cleared enough of their life lessons to focus on each other as well as the higher purpose of the relationship..

If one person or both people are not at the stage where they’re actively plugged into their power, They’re not ready. This is why if you do any research on twin flames, though there is some controversy ,you will see that one of the big characteristics of the relationship is the separation period.

This is a super triggering for many reasons ,  and a lot of them are valid .   A lot of us either ourselves, or by witnessing people that we’ve loved , have experienced wanting a relationship back, that was truly broken and unhealthy.  Wanting someone that really doesn’t love us, because we don’t love us, and we don’t know that we can do better.  This is the most obvious example and pitfall of twin flame dogma gone wrong.

But also, no one wants to see anyone they love put faith in something that  seems like a total crapshoot!

Us as humans like to believe that there’s a certain formula to life. We look for things to learn, or evidence that we can collect to prove that what we want is safe and will definitely come to us .

The idea that everything can be taught( and learned)  can be an incredibly empowering thing to hold onto , but  can also turn into a limiting perspective when we don’t leave room for the unknown, or the idea of intrinsic knowingness, without being taught,  or without following an already established plan, that someone that knows more than us, came up with.

When we see someone completely following their intuition and we don’t see the real life examples of the safety of this desire,  it can be absolutely terrifying .   The threat of disappointment seems so large and most of us have immense and visceral experience with disappointment. It wasn’t fun. Therefore , we will do anything we can to sway disappointment from happening to us, or those that we love .  So we can label something  that is based in faith, a pipe dream. we fear it ,  and we think it’s a problem .  There is a reason though, that fear is the opposite of love!  So think on that .

But even if this is all true, and knowing is enough, and faith is enough,  and we should all just love and hope and dream with reckless abandon.  Why would we meet our twins and then go through this horrible period of grief and questioning and missing and wanting?

It seems like a pretty cruel joke, or that the universe is very set on the storyline of a romantic movie.  So let’s look at a moment and what the separation can serve for BOTH parties.

My understanding  is that it is  a universal experience for us twins because it completely cleanses the relationship of any codependency, which is absolutely vital to maintain the sky high resonance of the connection . Because twin flames are divine complements to each other’s higher aspects, the polarity is incredibly intense. If one of them starts to shift out of alignment, a push-pull reaction is felt very quickly in the other.   We know what the relationship is meant to be.  We know the potential .   We know that it is not meant to be fearful ,  clingy ,  or dominating .

But what’s wrong with needing and what’s wrong with attachment ?

Absolutely nothing .  But to go through this. Is to know what love is for  love’s sake. We get past the desire to manipulate or the fear of being manipulated. Literally  everything that we have in us, that is not love comes up.  We work through it,  to have the bravery to then consciously and fully CHOOSE to follow our hearts , our joy.  We find OURSELVES,  and  when we are both  buzzing at that rate, the reunion is imminent.

The twin flame relationship is frequently described in the terms of the runner  and chaser.   An overly simplified version of this basically talks about how the chaser is supposed to wait for the runner to come back . The chasers not supposed to chase . My personal frustration is that a lot of these articles hold up the chaser,  the one that wants the soulmate back,the one that’s not running, as kind of this perfect martyr character.   It is true that there is definitely a high degree of forgiveness and unconditional love required on the part of the person who has been run away from .  However the person who has done the  running on the same token, has the bravery and self-knowledge to see that they’re not ready for this.   They have other things to do first .   They have other plans . They are following the plan just as  the one “waiting” is . This work can be emotional work, karmic work,  personal exploration and frequently all of the above .  It can be any number of things,  but their energy is needed elsewhere . They are refusing to be with you, and treat you poorly,so they are exiting .  I also do not envy the amount of  trust that is required to reach out to someone that you ran away from,  and ask to be back in their lives.   They are working through guilt,  self deprecation and  self punishment,  and towards the same goal of self-love  and intuition that the person who feels that they have been rejected is.

Twin Flame Relationships are serious work.  It  is the meeting the twin flame in the physical that starts a catalyst for both persons to more fully become themselves.

When they both are willing and ready to work together in large creative, transcendent way,twin flames reunite.   These two people are the ultimate power couple. Twin flames don’t decide to live life together just because they just want to have fun, and be happy. If you’ve pulled your twin flame in, the two of you have a great mission, separately as well as together, and part of loving your twin flame, is honoring their mission and the reality that you may not be at your best to match and support it, when you first meet them, or at any particular time.

It can be painful if we have met our twin and we feel we have lost them , but the twin flame relationship exists to inject the world with beauty, love, and unity. The universe’s highest intention is for these people to reunite, but if they can’t do it together as a couple, they will continue to work with each other on the astral plane.   The connection is always there.

Regardless of any specific label ,  if you don’t think you are in love with your twin flame, don’t really believe in it , or are not sure sure what I’m talking about,if you have met someone you love, and it just isn’t coming together, know that it might not have anything to do with you or your soulmate’s failings .

There’s your preferred time line and then there’s the divine timeline. They may not be the same.   The universe never desires you to put your life on pause . Do not stop living your life. You do not know the lessons between the two of you, you do not know the lessons your individual potential partner may have left to learn, and we can’t learn these lessons for them.  I will promise you, that if the person that you love is not ready, it is very likely that you are not ready in some way.


Breathe. Allow yourself to learn and grow. And while growing, if you fall in love again, then fantastic.  But you don’t have to give up to let go. You have my full permission to tell anyone that says anything otherwise, to shut their mouth and go away.

The idea that in order to open yourself to more love, you must close your heart to another, is actually very old paradigm. It is a belief that those of us leading this shift into a higher vibration are being asked to let go of.   If all of what I said has resonated with you,  then you are one of those that are leading this shift.

True love has no boundaries.

Yes, there are those of us that want a family, that want a monogamous relationship, marriage, ect.I am one of these people. When I say that I love more than one person, that doesn’t mean I am not capable of making a decision and commitment to share a certain aspect of me, and my life with only one person. I will when the time is right, but not before.

I will never give my heart an ultimatum – or anyone else’s.   That is the truth I live by, and I encourage you to consider practicing the same.

Don’t fight your life .   Don’t fight your light.  Don’t fight your love .


Pain is not purpose.

You can only work against your true self for so long . To be separated from your joy is to be separated from your life force and God ( Source ) will make sure you return to it, one way or another. Either on the earthly plane. or by leaving.
Generally it serves source to keep us here as long as possible, because as long as we are learning, and expanding, then source consciousness is expanding through us .

God will continue to point us towards our joy and God always Revels when we are joyful.

Pain is an indication that you are being denied joy, either by self, or other . Pain becomes suffering when we think that we should be aligned with something we are not . When we punish ourselves for our lack of joy , and when we don’t trust the fact that pain is simply a language. Pain is god’s way of pointing the way to a different choice , in thought, action, and creation .

To deny our pain is to deny our power to find our way out, and resisting our pain is like running around slamming windows shut that are trying to open .

But pain is not purpose.
You should endure pain only to allow the completion of it’s expression.
It will leave you when it ceases to serve you .

If you are reading this, remember that you are here to move towards joy.

Start Now.

Why Letting Go Opens You Up

Letting go is not the same as saying no .
It is not slamming a door , it is not giving up, and it is not throwing the baby out with the bath water . It doesn’t even mean you stop wanting what you’ve wanted, or stop moving in a direction towards whatever that is, but it allows us to float there, as opposed to an arduous, resistance laden crawl .

When we decide that we want something, if that want is intense, it is likely that we also simultaneously experience the feeling of not having that which we want , or what you would call the contrast . Some of us don’t feel we know what we want because we are feeling the contrast, and are immediately reacting to the feeling of that contrast. And so there is attraction and then repulsion to an idea .

This may be less of an issue for those of us who have had the lucky experience of things working out for them, but for those of us who have had more disappointments and loss,we tend to carry this contrast with us, ready to flare up like a black umbrella .

On one level, it is a protective mechanism. Subconsciously, we expect not to get what we want. So in order to avoid our imminent eventual disappointment, we have ourselves emotionally, or in our daydream space, experience the loss or disappointment as if it is the present situation . We are avoiding the let down by creating and practicing the experience ourselves. Most importantly , we regain control .
Some of us are so good at this part, we almost instantly create the separation or failure we were dreading!

Letting go, relieves us from feeling like everything hangs in the balance . It does not end the desire , but it serves to free us from the gun we hold to our own heads. It is the ultimate act of trust and surrender , and it is an expansive act . It creates an opening, and removes us from the do or die energy of contrast .

It is also in my opinion , one of the hardest things to do, and almost always needs lots of repeating .

Giving up or shutting out a high contrast situation, sometimes can seem necessary if the contrast is causing you to lose your mind, or go into destructive habits.
BUT you also must realize, that if this situation is permanently avoided, you will never be able to have anything you want that much again, without experiencing that same struggle you ran away from .

It’s possible to settle, for
something less intense , it’s also possible to lift up your arms, let it go, fly away , and end up having more than you’ve ever dreamed of .

Rest, fly, freakout, let go, repeat.

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